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Article: A special handkerchief to commemorate the meeting of the two families.

ー 結ギフト ー ご両家の顔合わせの記念に 特別なハンカチーフを

A special handkerchief to commemorate the meeting of the two families.

A special handkerchief to commemorate the meeting of the families of the bride and groom. The "Yui Gift" is a commemorative gift given by the bride and groom as a token of their appreciation for each other's hospitality.

How about giving a handkerchief as a matching item for the "Yui Gift" that can be carried by the groom, the bride's new family, and all three families?

We will introduce you to a high-quality, special and unique piece that can be used on the wedding day to celebrate the important day when the two families meet. We hope you will find this information useful in selecting a "wedding gift".

 Three recommended Yui Gifts for parents


Antique chintz (blue) 5,500 yen /  Waltz of Roses (White) ¥5,500

This set features a refreshing antique-style design in blue and a delicate and elegant rose design hand-embroidered stitch by stitch. Recommended for parents who like to dress glamorously.


Edge stitch 3,300 yen /  Check stitch ¥3,300

 This elegant set combines a delicate embroidery pattern with a large gray initial embroidery as the design point. This set is recommended for parents who prefer a simple yet unique design.

Classical School

Jewel Lace ¥6,600V135 ¥11,000

With a handkerchief with jewel motifs on a cotton linen material with just the right amount of crispness,The yarn, V135, which is even rarer among sea-island cotton, is used to make this handkerchief.This delicate set combines a handkerchief with a jewelry motif and elaborate hand embroidery using V135 thread, which is even rarer among sea-island cotton. Recommended for parents who prefer an elegant design.

A perfect gift for a special occasion.

This Shantou hand-embroidered handkerchief conveys the excellence of handcraftsmanship. The European traditional embroidery technique was brought to Shantou, and the ancient Chinese designs of phoenixes and dragons were fused with Western sensibilities to establish "Shantou embroidery" as one of the three major embroideries in China. The use of natural fibers makes Shantou handkerchiefs highly appealing, as they are highly absorbent and practical. How about a Shantou handkerchief, which is becoming increasingly rare and valuable, as a special gift for your mother?

Click here for Shantou hand-embroidered handkerchiefs >.

Matching items with each individuality shining through

Why not add a special touch of "initial embroidery" to each handkerchief of your choice? Unify them with the same font design to create a casually matching item.You can choose from 33 fonts and 20 thread colors for initial embroidery.

Choose the "Something Blue" thread color for the groom's and bride's handkerchiefs, and the thread color for both families to match the handkerchiefs, to celebrate your special day.

We hope that the handkerchiefs will be used to accompany you on your wedding day in a variety of situations. Why not send a piece that will remain as a keepsake?

Yui Gift Limited Wrapping

We offer Mizuhiki Ume Knot wrapping for customers who purchase the Yui Gift.

Classics the Small Luxury offers a wide variety of wrapping options, including those made of high quality materials, delicately hand-embroidered, and glamorous lace, all of which are recommended for special occasions. If you are at a loss as to which handkerchief to choose, our handkerchief concierge will be happy to guide you at the store.

Click here to see the Yui Gift Collection


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