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Article: Sea Island Cotton


Sea Island Cotton

It was called "phantom cotton".

One day in the 16th century, this rare cotton captivated the heart of the Queen of England with its elegant feel and dignified luster. Since then, the British aristocracy has kept this cotton secret from the public for 200 years.

Sea Island Cotton, nurtured by the wind and sun of the Caribbean Sea

Barbados, Antigua, Nevis, Jamaica, and Belize
are the West Indies in the Caribbean Sea.

It can only be grown in these five limited areas.
The reason why the world's best cotton grows only in this region is its climate.
More than 3,000 hours of sunshine per year, the perfect balance of dry and rainy seasons,
and has the best conditions to grow cotton

Gentler, stronger, more beautiful and nobler

It has the feel of cashmere and the luster of silk.
Its most distinctive feature is its overwhelmingly long and fine fibers.
The longer and finer the fiber, the more supple the texture and the more strength it produces.
Sea Island cotton also has the most natural twist of any cotton, giving it a plumper,
softer taste than any other cotton, and outstanding moisture absorption

In addition, its silky luster is due to its 50% higher light reflectance than other cottons.
It is hard to believe that it is cotton, but the luster gives it an elegant look.

At Classics the Small Luxury, we offer a wide range of Sea Island Cotton handkerchiefs. We invite you to experience the finest cotton available.



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