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Article: Bridal handkerchief - a special piece to match your dress or kimono

ブライダルハンカチーフ ードレスや和装に合わせた特別な一枚ー

Bridal handkerchief - a special piece to match your dress or kimono

Classics the Small Luxury offers a wide variety of handkerchiefs for the bride and groom, as well as welcome boards and thoughtful gifts for guests.

We have selected the handkerchiefs we recommend for each type of wedding dress.Your favorite dress or kimono you have chosen for the special day of your life. Why not coordinate your handkerchief with your favorite dress or kimono?

It can ease your nervousness or gently wipe away tears. A handkerchief in your hand attracts unexpected attention from guests.

We hope that the handkerchief you wear on your important anniversary will become an irreplaceable treasure.

A line

 The A-line is a classic wedding dress. It is a royal shape that flares out from the waist to the hem. It is popular with a wide range of people because it does not depend on the wedding style or body shape.

Handkerchiefs recommended for A-line dresses

Little Bird Lace

An elegant and lovely piece with a little bird pattern on the lace. It is a best seller that has been loved by many people.The little bird, a symbol of happiness, will cuddle up to you on your special day and celebrate your happiness.

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CSL Lace

The "CSL Lace" features luxurious lace on the four corners of the small size. The seamless lace is a piece of good luck and suitable for a special occasion.It has a special dignity, and is a perfect accessory for a refined hand.It will give your hand an elegant look and boost your feeling of splendor.

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Princess Line

A typical shape of a princess dress, characterized by a compact upper body and a fluffy spread from the waistline. It gives a special feeling even from a distance.

Handkerchiefs recommended for the princess line

Heart Lace

This handkerchief has an elegant and gentle impression with its many hearts in a row. It is full of a lovely atmosphere and is sure to bring you a lot of happiness. This is a long seller loved by many brides.

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Petit Fleur

Petit Fleur" is a warm piece with a floral motif that goes well with a lovely dress, and each flower is individually hand-stitched with lace. The three-dimensional look of the lace is like a flower garden.

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Mermaid line

The skirt is like a mermaid, with a narrow band around the knees and a richly flared hem. The curvy beauty drawn out while moderately fitting the body will make you feel like an adult.EleganceIt is a skirt that fits the body moderately and draws out a beautiful curve.

Handkerchiefs recommended for mermaid lines

White linen lace

The charm of this simple linen handkerchief is that the more you use it, the softer it becomes and the more comfortable it becomes in your hand. It will become your partner to start your precious day and walk with you through life. Try adding initial embroidery or bridal motifs to make it a special piece.

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Jewel Lace

A piece with a jewelry motif.The lace itself is made exclusively for handkerchiefs and sewn with a special technique to make the seams inconspicuous, paying close attention to detail.This elegant piece of handkerchief will make you sigh, and is suitable for irreplaceable days.

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Mannish Style

Mannish style gives a cool impression while retaining femininity. Typical pants dresses are popular overseas for their mode atmosphere. It is characterized by an adult elegance that is not only cute.

Handkerchiefs recommended for mannish style

Edge Stitching

The edge of this soft, thin handkerchief is surrounded by six layers of fine stitching. It stands out for its simple, sophisticated elegance.

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Rain Lily

The fine white floral embroidery gives a dainty impression and the white is neat and clean. It is not too sweet and suits those who prefer a natural look.

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Pearl Pearl

Pearls, said to be a symbol of love, are individually sewn by hand on the edge of the handkerchief. Add a gentle sparkle to your special day.

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Japanese style

This is a highly prestigious wedding costume. The patterns and colors are vivid and create a different charm for the bride than the dress. Nowadays, it is common to arrange the hair in a Western style.

Handkerchiefs recommended for kimono

Waltz of Roses

A piece with voluminous roses hand-embroidered all over. You can feel the delicacy and warmth of the handwork. This handkerchief is suitable for gorgeous kimono.

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Angel Lace

Lovely angels are delicately drawn. The seamless lace is auspicious and perfect for special occasions. A piece that is both delicate and luxurious, you will enjoy its glamour even more when you hold it in your hand.

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Classics the Small Luxury allows you to choose from over 100 different embroidery designs, including initials and motifs, to create a special piece. For those who are usually a little shy about having matching items, why not take this opportunity to choose matching initials typeface and embroidery thread color?

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