THANKS DAD-Standard Gem

6The day of Father's Day is the day of Father.

Want to give a standard gem on the day gift of this year. We introduce simple and basic design handker teasy to what you can use from formal scene to dad and dad.

| Orthodox White Linen Handkerchief

A white handkerchief that is convenient to have a single piece in various scenes such as formal and business as a gentleman. Handkerchief of the new Men's new "White Linen" is by the thickness of the yarn3A variety of variations are available. You can enjoy different touch and texture.

In Classix The Small LuxuryUse the texture of the texture in hemp. The more you go through the water, more taste is more likely to be fulfilled in the main hand, and you can use it for a long time.

Is it an orthodox white handkerfish, and how can I try to give a special piece of father, and try to give a special piece?

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Refreshing handker church using delicate thin thread

Mr. Yoshida, who is engaged in the design design of the handkerchief near 40 yearsYoshidaSeries "weaves in dual yarn of delicate thin thread.Because the fiber length of the material itself is long,There is a single piece that is easy to get familiar with the hand. Commitment to the fine hand work of Japanese craftsmanship, weaving fabrics in the Hyogo Prefectural Banshu area, and it is politely finished with only needle and yarn around Hachinohe City, Aomori Prefecture.

As it is a referee and simple design for a refreshing color, how is it as a single piece of the father's new standard handkerchief?

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Mono tone design weaves for the yarn

Handkerchief of "Basic" series, which has time-less designs that are not dependent on the times, check, stripes and times.

One full fiber length is thin and strong, strongly, "American Sea AyanBecause we use the thread of "Docotton",Even though there is a solid feeling of meat, it will be a refreshing skin.

"Gingham Check" and "Block Check"2The pattern changes the design of the design by the folding way, so you can enjoy the pattern by the mood of the day. The design of the monotone wounded by the yarn of the dyno tied is recommended for both on / off.

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| A father who wears a chic color suit

Pocket chief weaved with silk thread at tie factory in Japan. Seven patterns have been added, such as edge-effective geometric and authentic design Herinbone. Why don't you give a pocket chief that produces the chest gorgeously to the accent of the coordinates?

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Usually, it's a bit of light, and with a gifts that can not be said easily

In Classix The Small Lug Juli,6From 20th (Sun), sparkling star icons are prepared for free "Father's Day Limited Message Card" for free. How about the gratitude of "thank you" to my father with a gift?