THANKS MOM-Let's give a flower that blooms at hand-

For moms who are always snugly.

Now far away and can not meet easily.

Why don't you give a flower that blooms at hand with a feeling of gratitude of "Thank you" for a year. We introduce Mother's Day gift on the theme of "Ohana" that colors pumps and colorful.

A gift that enjoys the season with a delicate floral pattern

Botanical handkerchief
Botanical handkerchief

A handkerchief depicting a flower like a plants picture book. How about a gifts for Handkerchiefs, who fulfilling the season, such as the "Carnation" of the royal road and the beautifully blooming "Rose" as a gift for Mother's Day?

With a handkerchief depicting "Tulip" with a caring flower language, with a handicap me, with a word that can not usually be conveyed easily.

Various¥2,200(tax included)

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2Stuffed with exquisite color flowers that the colored thread weaves

 Handkerchief of coloredinen using a single-piece carefully dyed hemp (linen). Among them, the vertical yarn and the horizontal yarns are different colors and those woven into the chambray are features that are exquisite depth. In the lightness of linen,2The color of the color yarn woven is somewhere warm texture. If you use it for a long time, the color look is rich, and it is also one of the attractions that you can enjoy the change of aging. Vertical thread yoko threadWeave the same colorIncluding monochrome,There are 24 abundant 24 colors.

Linen handkerchief
Linen handkerchief

5Month9It will be delivered in a special specification limited gift package that looks like a flower, until the day (Sun). It is a recommended gift to your mother who prefers a simple design.

Linen handkerchief


¥2,750(tax included)  

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 ※ For limited gift packages, all handker ties are eligible.

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Turn on a Handka Chief like a bouquet of gratitude

Flower Art UnitPlantica (Plantika)Handkerchief designed by.54A piece with a lot of vague and gerbera, such as roses and gerberas, with a variety of vague campuses. It is one of the attractions unique to large format size, such as wound on knees and neck. How about thinking about a lot of flowers, how about grateful for a year, how long?

¥2,970(tax included)  

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