ABOUT THE PRODUCT 3rd material hemp

The basic fabric is particularly stuck with natural fibers that we return to the Handka chew. Now I was developed with cotton or linen and did not use other materials for fabrics.

2020In the year, I focused on the Japanese ancient material "hemp" in consideration of what would be able to do for the global environmental impact. The hemp does not require almost no irrigation, and there is little use of chemical fertilizer, so it is a plant with a small risk of soil contamination and less affected by the environment.

It is strong and water-absorbent and easy to dry as a feature of the material, and there is natural antibacterial and bactericorphic power. Hemp materials that are excellent in environmentally friendly properties and functionality as plants have been developed to be a new handkerchief "standard material".

-The first hemp handkerchief

The first hemp handker chillfish is a relatively thick Italian thread as Classix The Small Luggle20Degree/With hair straight14/2Used, I was carefully woven carefully with a skilled machine weaving shop of Oshu, Ozhou, Aichi Prefecture. The yarn is dyed, and yarn4Color, wick thread4Color, total8By weaving it from the color, we expressed a unique color with a deep color with a check pattern.

Size and color that can be used regardless of gender

It was designed to be easy to fit in the palm of the hand, with a size of a moderate thickness and 26 cm squares. Color prepares all five colors of Purple Khaki Green Navy Brown. It is a design that can be used for a wide range of generations regardless of age and gender.

Cotton, please try a hemp with the third handkerchief material for linen.

△ From the image) Wine · Khaki · Green · Blue · Brown

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