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Nokton [Royal Raggic Wash Towel].

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High standard wash towels pursuing the royal road of hotel linens

Raggic" is the highest quality super-long-staple American Sea Island cotton, and its overflowing pile is not only soft but also firm and comfortable, the definitive "hotel quality. The generous size is rich and luxurious, wrapping you up like a bathrobe. The pure white pile with a uniform surface and pearl-colored accents in a straight line are the hallmark of Royal.
The finishing process is a slow and careful washing process in natural groundwater, which does not stress the cotton and does not require fabric softener. The glossy beauty and smooth, delicate touch are so beautiful that once you touch it, you will not be able to let it go. Bath time will become more special and luxurious.
Luxury hotels provide wash towels for body washing.

Please wash them separately as the color may fade or fluff in the beginning. Do not use detergents containing fluorescent bleach as it may cause uneven coloring. Do not use chlorine bleach. Do not leave the fabric wet. Do not leave the towel on the floor while it is wet, as the color may migrate to other products. Pile yarns may come out while using the towels. Do not leave them unused, but cut them off before use.

We want to propose a new style of manufacturing and happiness to the world of hotel linens. Nokton is a coordinated brand of hotel linens created with this in mind. By combining the finest materials, traditional Japanese techniques, and a modern sensibility, we have created beautiful and exciting linens that can be savored by all five senses.

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Nokton [Royal Raggic Wash Towel].
Nokton [Royal Raggic Wash Towel]. Sale price₱1,000.00
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