Payment can be made in one of the following options

Credit card

Postpaid (convenience store, post office, bank, LINE Pay)


Amazon Pay

VISA, MasterCard, and AMEX are accepted.
Please pay according to the debit method and terms stipulated by your credit card company.

Postpaid (Convenience store, Post office, Bank, LINE Pay)
This is a secure and easy payment method that allows you to pay later at a convenience store, post office, bank, or LINE Pay after confirming the arrival of your order.
The invoice will be mailed separately from the product. Please make payment within 14 days after the invoice is issued.

Post-payment fee: 165 yen
Postpaid orders are subject to the postpaid service of Net Protections, Inc. and the payment credit will be transferred to the company. Please select the deferred payment service after agreeing to the NP Postpaid Terms of Service and the company's privacy policy. NP Postpaid Service Terms of Use: The maximum amount you can use is up to 55,000 yen (tax included) in the cumulative balance. Please click the link for details. If the user is a minor, please obtain the consent of a legal representative to use the service.
*"For cancellation, return, and exchange policy, please refer to "Notation based on the Act on Specified Commercial TransactionsPlease refer to the page "Specific Commercial Transaction Law".

Please pay in accordance with the debit method and terms and conditions set forth by PayPal.

You can pay with your Amazon account.
Please use the "Amazon Pay" button on the shopping cart screen to login to Amazon and select the credit card registered to your Amazon account on the order screen.