A special site is opened at the VR shop today, and brand experience such as stores and factories!

"Classics The Small Luxury Special Shop" is opened today.This special site is lined with limited SHOP of Classics the Small Luxury.We also offer "ARTIST SHOP", which allows you to purchase handkerchiefs that collaborated with artists, "GIFT SHOP ARIGATO", which proposes recommended gifts for each season, and "VR Shop" where you can visit actual stores and factories. Please enjoy various products that change every day.  

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■ ARTIST SHOP:The first one Isamu Gakiya

I created an artist shop, thinking that giving the power of art to a handkerchief that I usually carry often will spread the charm and role indefinitely.

The first issue, under the direction of Kaoru Takai of Sun-Ad, Inc., commissioned Aya Iwasaki for the catch copy, artist Isamu Gakiya for the illustrations, and Ryo Okawahara for the animation. (A total of six items are planned for sale.)

The first one in the first installment will be released on Thursday, October 27, "Let's sleep for 12 hours on sad days."

■ GIFT SHOP:Recommended handkerchief to enjoy the first autumn

There are about 1,000 types of handkerchiefs of Classics the Small Luxury. There are pleasures to choose from many, but we will propose three monthly recommended handkerchiefs.


■ VR Shop ningyoucho

You can experience the inside of Nihonbashi Ningyocho with VR. Even if you do not actually come to the store, you can experience the atmosphere and display of the store 360 ​​°. We also introduce each product category.


■ VR Shop Factory:First race factory
Most of the classes of Classics the Small Luxury are manufactured at Kihara Race in Obu City, Aichi Prefecture. This time, you can experience racing manufacturing processes that you can not usually see with the full cooperation of factories, sewing races connected by craftsmanship, punching processes, etc. in the VR factory.