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Article: Two new patterns for the popular mico are available from today.


Two new patterns for the popular mico are available from today.

A moderately thick handkerchief and aTwo new summer patterns of "mico," which has been popular since its launch for its soft and fluffy touch that is somewhere between a handkerchief and a towel, are now on sale.


mico Type C

This stripe pattern has a unique three-dimensional diagonal line expressed by weaving.
1,650 yen (tax included)Available in 8 colorsClick here for product details


mico Type D

A cool and refreshing combination of bright colors.
1,650 yen (tax included) Available in 8 colors. Click here for product details >.

This item is made of the finest quality cotton, sea-island cotton, which is shiny and wrinkle-resistant. The compact size makes it suitable for people of all ages. We hope you will try mico's handkerchief for this summer.


Click here to see the list of mico series




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