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Article: Towel handkerchief with carefully selected material

厳選された素材にこだわった、タオルハンカチーフ。 - CLASSICS the Small Luxury

Towel handkerchief with carefully selected material

The first towel handker cheta is released from Classix The Small Luxury!

Soft touch like Cashmere, water-absorbent, comfortable, easy-to-use, sea island cotton towel handkerchief. Cotton, which is only produced from the Caribbean, the West Ind Islands,It is a cotton called fiber jewelry.

By cutting the pile of the surface and made it to the shirring fabric, a gloss like Veload is created and a sense of luxury is created.

In all12Color development. You can use it for a wide range of people regardless of men and women. It is a recommended item in the coming season where the climate is hot!

 Beige Handkerchief towel

SiC color (beige)


Pink Handkerchief towel

SIC color (pink)


Lime Green Towel Hankchief

SiC color (Lime Green


Blue towel handkerchief

SIC color (blue)


Navy towel handkerchief

SIC color (navy)


You can see 12 SiC Color 12 colors here.



田中麻記子氏デザイン「天使」をテーマの新柄が入荷しました。 - CLASSICS the Small Luxury

New pattern of theme of the theme of Tanaka Hasako Koko Design "Angel" is newly released

A new handker cheeteen by Mr. Tanaka Koji Tanaka, who lives in France and Ira strator. It is a series of "angel" drawn by pencils, feather pens and watercolor paints. Berry Angel ¥ 2,000 Watercolo...

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「薔薇と棘」がテーマのメンズハンカチーフが新発売 - CLASSICS the Small Luxury

Men's handker chillfish on the theme of "薔 and" is new

Men's new pattern Hanka chilli is a design of "薔 and" theme. The striped pattern of monotone and sepia color is a graphical and impressive handkerchief. The fabric uses a master seed satin with a s...

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