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Article: New patterned handkerchiefs made of hemp, a sustainable material, will be available from January 20 (Fri.)


New patterned handkerchiefs made of hemp, a sustainable material, will be available from January 20 (Fri.)

Sustainable materials are materials that are friendly to the global environment and society. Among natural materials, "hemp" is one of the sustainable materials currently attracting worldwide attention. It is an environmentally friendly plant with advantages such as growing with a small amount of water, using almost no chemical fertilizers, and growing quickly.

In 2023, Classics the Small Luxury is promoting manufacturing under the theme of "sustainability. As a first step, a new pattern of hemp handkerchiefs will be available from January 20 (Fri.).

Hemp is one of the materials with excellent water absorbency and quick-drying properties, and its durability and firm texture are also attractive.

The size is 23 x 23 cm. The handkerchief has a firm, hand-held feel that is the result of Japanese craftsmanship, and is resistant to wear and tear even after repeated washing, and feels light and comfortable to use even when wiping wet hands.

This is an asymmetrical bicolor piece, designed to be balanced so that a slightly different color can be seen when folded. The overall color is subdued and the color of the hem is accentuated for a clean finish. It is also available in a rich variety of 8 colors, and we recommend changing the color every day.

It is suitable for use by all ages and genders, making it an ideal gift.

From top to bottom: black, yellow, gray, red, purple, khaki, brown

Gray in box

 1,650 yen (tax included)

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