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Article: EDIT Second Bullet Hotel Specification Towel Launches 2021.04.06

EDIT 第二弾 ホテル仕様のタオルを発売 2021.04.06

EDIT Second Bullet Hotel Specification Towel Launches 2021.04.06

As a second edit of our brand item, the item "NOKTON (Nocton)" item was released as the second bullet of the "Edit" line.

NOKTON that was born in spring 2017 as a linen that combines the finest material, Japanese traditional techniques, and modern sensitivity, and to taste with five senses.

In Classix The Small Lu Guixi, it is a good item that spend time at home, and because you want to spend more comfortable,We started the development of Wash Face Bath towel of "Nokton (Nocton)" used at luxury inns and hotels.Enjoy the hotel's towel at home.

Hotel Specification Towel



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