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Article: Online Shop only: Free embroidery campaign for one embroidery item

オンラインショップ限定 刺繍1点無料キャンペーンのお知らせ

Online Shop only: Free embroidery campaign for one embroidery item

The online shop will embroider one embroidery of your choice, such as initial embroidery or motif embroidery, on a handkerchief for free from August 10 (Wed.) to August 15 (Mon.), 2022. You can use this offer as many times as you like during the period.

This is a great gift idea for your friends, family, or yourself. Please take advantage of this opportunity.

One free embroidery per order.In case of multiple purchases, the embroidery with the lowest price is eligible. Cannot be used in conjunction with other coupons.


8月1日(月)よりアミュプラザ 鹿児島店にて、西郷さんとツンをモチーフにした新作ハンカチーフを発売

New handkerchiefs featuring Saigo-san and Tsun on sale at Amu Plaza Kagoshima from August 1 (Monday).

The new limited edition pattern features Saigo, who is said to be a dog lover and had many dogs, his dog Tsun, andand his dog, Tsun, as well as his fellow dogs.The Othello pattern is used for t...

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季節のお花が彩る「Flower garden」をテーマに、秋の新作ハンカチーフを8月15日(月)より発売

New autumn handkerchiefs with the theme of "Flower garden" decorated with seasonal flowers will go on sale from August 15 (Monday).

From the vivid colors of summer to the chic and gorgeous handkerchiefs that remind you of the coming of autumn. New handkerchiefs under the theme of "Flower garden" will go on sale from August 15, ...

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