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Article: A new "Tokyo" appears in the City Typography series

City Typography シリーズに新作「東京」が登場

A new "Tokyo" appears in the City Typography series

CLASSICS the Small Luxury has an original typography handkerchief that designs the characters of the city related to the store as a product limited to each store.2022Year5Moon17From Sunday (Tuesday)CITY TYPOGRAPHY The new series of the series "Tokyo" is the Roppongi Hills Main Store, the Nihonbashi Ningyocho store, and the Marunouchi store.3It will be released only for some stores.

Tokyo ¥ 2,200 (tax included)

To commemorate the release, for a limited time from May 17, 2022 (Tuesday) to May 31 (Tuesday), all eight types, including the products so far in the series, will be developed together.

also,CITY TYPOGRAPHYA book that summarizes lettering the name of Tokyo as a book (a book) by a series designer Tomohiro Nakayama (Zine) Will be released in advance.

Book (ZINE) ¥ 880 (tax included)

■ "Tokyo" Handker chef release special event

2022Year5Moon17Sun (Tuesday) ~5Moon31Sunday (Tue)

Roppongi Hills Main Store, Nihonbashi Ningyocho store, Marunouchi store

Nihonbashi Ningyocho store is due to periods from May 18 (Wed) to May 20 (Fri).We will be closed temporarily.
Click here for details of each store>

Event content
In addition to the new handkerchief "Tokyo", so farCITY TYPOGRAPHYSeries "Ningyocho", "Nihonbashi", "Roppongi", "Toranomon", "Marunouchi", "Shinjuku", "Haneda"8Pattern and designerTomoyoshi NakayamaThe book (Zine) We will sell.



Artist Profile

Tomohiro Nakayama Co., Ltd. Sun Ad
art director/graphic designer
Born in Saga prefecture. He graduated from Nagoya Shaping University Graphic Design Department.


The handkerchief "Tokyo" series, which we produced this time, began with the creation of a commemorative handkerchief when opening a new store of Classics the Small Lagcuaria. Beginning with the design of Roppongi, Toranomon, Ningyocho, and Marunouchi store, a handkerchief with seven types of Tokyo was born, and I felt a new possibility as a typography in the combination of simple colors and dots.

In order to complete such a "Tokyo" series, a small book (a book (book) is a book (book) of various Tokyo place names that are not handkerchiefs.Zine) I will publish.

I used to go to the old townbarIt may be a little biased land because it includes land with personal thoughts, such as a town.I hope you have a detailed conversation and make you feel a little happy.think.

This time, book (Zine) To commemorate the publication of), we made a handkerchief of "Tokyo" which is the cover.Meter8Enjoy the "Tokyo" series handkerchiefs that have become seedsplease.


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