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Article: Zenrin Collaboration

福岡大濠公園店限定販売!地図のゼンリンが手がける「Map Design GALLERY」とのコラボハンカチを発売

Zenrin Collaboration

Present Campaign Application Guidelines
Please read and agree to all of the following application requirements before submitting your application.
Please apply for this campaign after reading and agreeing to all of the following application requirements in advance.  

Notification of Winners

Winners will be notified by mid-July.Map Design GALLERYWe will contact you via direct message from our official account
You must be set up to receive direct messages.

Application Terms and Conditions

Please agree to the following terms and conditions (precautions and prohibited items) before applying for the campaign.


Internet connection fees and communication charges are the responsibility of the customer.
The customer must be a resident of Japan and the delivery address must be in Japan.
Applicants are deemed to have agreed to these terms and conditions at the time of application.
This campaign is subject to cancellation or change without prior notice.
Please note that your application or winning rights may be invalidated in the following cases

If you are a multiple winner in the same household or at the same address.
If you are a multiple winner of the Classics the Small Luxury andMap Design GALLERYOfficial account (@)
If you have unfollowed the official account (@) of
If you cancel your "Like" of the campaign post before the announcement of the winners.
If you set your Instagram account to private.
After notification of winning1Please note that if you do not reply within one week after notification of your winning entry, your winning entry will be voided.
If you have entered the contest using a fraudulent account (e.g., fictitious account, account impersonating another person, multiple accounts by the same person, etc.)
Any other fraudulent activities related to the application.
 Handling of Personal Information

Personal information provided for this campaign will be used for the purpose of confirming eligibility, drawing lots, and sending prizes.

Privacy Policy
Classics the Small Luxury
Map Design GALLERY>




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