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Article: 6/5 (Sat) Fukuoka Ohori Park shop reopened


6/5 (Sat) Fukuoka Ohori Park shop reopened

The Fukuoka Ohori Park shop was completed on the 100th anniversary of the founding of Bloom Nakanishi, the parent company of CLASSICS the Small Luxury (1979), and was partially renovated in 2014.
After that, we went through the renovation renovation based on the earthquake-resistant construction of the building again, It will be reopened in 2021/6/5 (Sat).

We cherish our thoughts on renewal. It is "RE-UNITED / Reunion"

In 2014, since its opening, we have been familiar with the local people by proposing "the idea to put in a single handkerchief" to many customers. The "thought" is both the thought that we, as creators, can put into manufacturing, and the thought that customers, who are gifts and users, can put into important people and important everyday. I thought that the "connection" that they create beyond time is the important value that handkerchiefs can spin.

In this era, what we could do in the space of the shop was to provide a place to spin the connection of "time, region, and people".

The time from 1979 to the present is engraved on the frame part of the building that was revealed in this construction, and the construction and furniture are maintained and used again, making it a space that feels warmth as opposed to a seemingly solid impression.
Glass blocks were piled up in the opening so that people walking in the city could feel the state of the shop loosely, so that the consciousness of the shop and the town was connected.
Art panels with embroidery motifs fill the walls, and handkerchiefs swaying faintly in the wind create softness and warmth in the shop.

Although the shape has changed, we tried to create a space that can deliver the value of "connection" to everyone that has not changed even now and in the past.

You can meet "an important piece for yourself "and" a piece you want to give to an important person"
CLASSICS the Small Luxury We look forward to seeing you again at Fukuoka Ohori Park.

/ Introduction of Limited Edition Handkerchiefs

The Fukuoka Ohori Park shop offers 14 types of limited edition handkerchiefs that can only be purchased in Fukuoka, including mentaiko and Motsu nabe, including designs inspired by Ohori Park.

/ A novelty present to commemorate the reopening

From 6/5 (Sat), customers who purchase 1 or more handkerchiefs at Fukuoka Ohori Park shop will receive an original handkerchiefs not for sale.※ Please note that the distribution will end as soon as it is lost, up to the first 150 people.



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