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Article: Happy Holiday, Hello 2024!

Happy Holiday, Hello 2024!

Happy Holiday, Hello 2024!

Happy Holiday, Hello 2024!

Christmas is near. The window of the city is gorgeous and sparkling.

This year's Christmas collection has two new paintings, such as a gentle touch of the holiday season. It is a handkerchief that can be used as a gift and you can also decorate and enjoy it in your room.

The time to choose a gift for loved ones is exciting and exciting.We have prepared a special collection unique to this season.

Walnut doll

I drew the stage of a ballet walnut doll on Christmas on a handkerchief. Expressively express the exciting story that unfolds around the big Christmas tree. The casual gloss of satin fabric is high quality and colorful.

Christmas Wonderland

I drew a simple touch of the winter scenery in the holiday season against the backdrop of the snowy mountains. A warm scene is drawn, such as enjoying a mobile amusement park under the starry sky, playing snow, skating, and running a sled to prepare for Christmas.

Holiday leasing

One of the popular pieces since last year. If you look at the leasing of the holly, you will see the warm holiday season scenery. There are snow scenery, people who skate on lakes surrounded by mountains, children who make snowman, people who go out on a carriage, squirrels, small birds, and snow rabbits. Christmas colors are beautifully expressed in high -quality and glossy satin fabric.

There is a handkerchief that can be decorated in a forehead like a painting.

A warm and gentle impression can be enjoyed in your room as one of the Christmas decoration.

How about a gift for the holiday season?

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2,200 yen each (tax included)

Three kinds of cute embroidery handkerchiefs

A holiday series that embroidered Christmas motifs.

From the top, snowman, reindeer, Santa.All of them have a cute and humorous impression. The point is that the embroidery protrudes from the edge of the handkerchief. The print of the stars that glitter is casually gorgeous.

It is also recommended that you put the initial embroidery from many typefaces and finish it into a special piece.

2,750 yen each (tax included)

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Christmas charm

We offer Christmas limited charms.

After the box is opened, you can use it as an ornament or bookmark.

If you wish, please let me know.

2024 zodiac handkerchif [Tatsu]


The only animal of the Zodiac, the most vibrant, and is said to be an auspicious creature as the most vibrant and powerful. We express such auspicious dragon with our popular protruding embroidery. The fabric is made of cotton linen fabric. It is light, soft, light and comfortable.

Zodiac (dragon)

2,750 yen each (tax included)

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Seasonal zodiac sign "hanging paper"

In Mizuhiki, we also have a hanging paper with a design like a tie and "2024".

If you wish, please let me know.

Recommended for holiday season and year -end and New Year gifts.

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