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Article: New Vietnamese hand-embroidered handkerchiefs full of warmth to go on sale from October 20 (Fri.)


New Vietnamese hand-embroidered handkerchiefs full of warmth to go on sale from October 20 (Fri.)

Hand-embroidered handkerchiefs have become rare. Vietnamese hand-embroidery is weaving this lineage into the future.

Hue is an ancient city in central Vietnam. In this city that once prospered as a royal capital, with the calm Phong River flowing through the center of the city, there are techniques that are still being handed down today.

We are a handkerchief specialty store, and that is why we can offer you an exceptional piece of handkerchiefs. We are proud to introduce our new hand-embroidered handkerchiefs from Vietnam, which have been loved by many of our customers.

A fusion of warmth and elegance, a piece of art.

Left: "Oriental Rose" Right: "My Garden

Oriental Rose" features a bouquet of roses and ornate embroidery designs. My Garden" is a gorgeous yet natural-looking piece with dainty small flowers like wild strawberries and flowers with berries embroidered in fine detail.

The three-dimensionality and precision of the hand-embroidery on each of these pieces is a sight to behold. It is guaranteed to add a touch of color to your outfit and can be enjoyed when draped over your lap.

16,500 yen each (tax included)

Click here for "Oriental Rose

Click here for "My Garden

* "My Garden" is sold exclusively through the online store.


Handkerchiefs with refined feminine motifs

Roses and ribbons" left: pink, right: white

The dainty motifs are decorated with elegance. One piece makes a thoughtful gift. The edging is French hem, giving a classic impression.

11,000 yen (tax included)

Click here for product details >.

A piece of eye candy to give to a rose lover

Rose garland" Left: White, Right: Pink

A garland of roses and flowers surrounds the handkerchief, adding a gorgeous touch of color. The small scalloped hem around the edge is also a point of interest.

11,000 yen (tax included)

Click here for product details >.

*"Rose Garland" (pink) is available only online.


Hand-embroidered designs of small birds and flowers bring a sense of comfort.

Birdsong" yellow and white

A bouquet of wild flowers, a lovely and natural floral motif. This expressive handkerchief makes you feel as if you can hear birds chirping.

11,000 yen (tax included)

Click here for product details >.

In these days of mechanization and digitalization, this collection offers the warmth of handmade craftsmanship and reliable techniques that can only be achieved by human hands.

The softness and fluffiness of the embroidery, which is done by needle and thread without using a sewing machine, will soothe the heart of the wearer.

Click here for a list of Vietnamese hand-embroidered handkerchiefs >.


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