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Article: Products with special summer packages are available from July 7 (Fri.).


Products with special summer packages are available from July 7 (Fri.).

On July 7 (Fri.), a limited number of products will be available in special summer packages.

The cool and sophisticated design of the package is envelope-shaped and can be mailed with a stamp attached.

There are two designs. Goldfish Scoop and SUNFLOWER.

How about a small gift for this season?

Each 2,200 yen (tax included)

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Roppongi Hills Main Store, Nihonbashi Ningyocho Store, Fukuoka Ohori Koen Store, Amu Plaza Kagoshima Store, Online Shop

Limited quantities, will end as soon as they are gone.


Click here to see the "Someco" ring belt that can turn a handkerchief into a bag.


7月3日(月)より、ダイオウイカやメンダコなど 深海魚をモチーフにしたハンカチーフを発売

Handkerchiefs featuring deep-sea fishes such as giant squid and giant octopus to go on sale from July 3 (Monday)

Starting July 3, handkerchiefs with a deep-sea fish motif will go on sale. The humorous, one-pointed embroidery expresses ".HIKKOMI(The new handkerchiefs include the "HIKKOMI" series with humorous...

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From July 15 (Sat.), original stickers will be given to those who purchase to commemorate "Heart Day".

  August 10 is Heart Day. The heart motif is a symbol of love and happiness. Classics the Small Luxury has been offering a wide variety of handkerchiefs with heart motifs since its opening in 2003....

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