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Article: Hobby-themed printed handkerchiefs on sale from Friday, August 25


Hobby-themed printed handkerchiefs on sale from Friday, August 25

Autumn is the season when people want to enjoy various hobbies and pleasures such as sports, reading, and eating.

We are pleased to introduce new printed handkerchiefs with the themes of "cooking," "cosmetics," and "music.

These are the new series of the long-selling "NO BOOK NO LIFE" series.These original designs are full of a secret playful spirit that makes you want to talk about them.


The words "NO COOKING NO LIFE" are expressed by the cooking utensils lined up on the shelves.

For that person who always cooks delicious food, or for friends and acquaintances who want to improve their cooking skills,This is a perfect piece to express your appreciation and support.

If framed and displayed in the kitchen or living room, it will brighten up the space.

2,200 yen (tax included)

Click here to see the products >.

For people who love to cook. Combine with practical bouclé yellow color.

4,180 yen (including gift package and tax)


The words "NO BEAUTY NO LIFE" are designed with motifs related to "beauty" such as makeup, detox, and aroma. Rosemary, rose hips, and damask roses are incorporated into the design with rose, one of the brand's themes, as the keyword. The excitement of beauty and makeup is summed up in a classy way.

Fall is the season for a wide range of new cosmetic items. We recommend this product as a small gift for those who are interested in beauty.

2,200 yen (tax included)

Click here to see the products >.

For those who love beauty and fashion. Match with hemp gauze with gorgeous ruffles.

5,830 yen (including gift package and tax)


A chic colorful piece inspired by a jazz session. The overlapping silhouettes of the instruments and sheet music express the resonance of the tones. Clockwise from left: double bass, piano, drums, saxophone, trumpet, horn, and trombone. The restrained monotone colors give a chic impression.

This design can be recommended as a gift for those who love jazz and music, as well as for instrumentalists.

2,200 yen (tax included)

Click here for product details >.

For a couple of musicians. With a pastel-colored, gentle depiction of a pianist.

4,730 yen (including gift package and tax)

Left: "Pianist" Right: "NO BOOK NO LIFE

2,200 yen each (tax included)

Click here for "The Pianist" >> Click here for "The Pianist" >> Click here for "The Pianist

Click here for "NO BOOK NO LIFE" >>


The "Hobby" series depicts various hobbies such as golf, cycling, fishing, and mountain climbing on a simple and clean plain white background.

2,750 yen each (tax included)

Click here to see the products >.

We offer handkerchiefs in a wide variety of designs.Why not choose one as a heartfelt gift for someone you care about or someone who enjoys your hobbies?

Click here for a list of handkerchiefs with various "hobby" themes, such as music, reading, wine, etc.



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