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Article: Roppongi Hills Shop Limited Edition Products on Sale from April 19


Roppongi Hills Shop Limited Edition Products on Sale from April 19

Roppongi Hills ShopLimited Edition Products on Sale from April 19

Classics the Small Luxury Roppongi Hills Shop will celebrate its 20th anniversary on Tuesday, April 25. To commemorate this occasion, the Roppongi Hills Main Store will release limited edition products.

A total of four items will be available, featuring symbols of Roppongi, including all-over prints, one-point embroidery, and embroidery with unusual borders.

Roppongi Hills Hills Main Store Limited Edition "Grand Heart

The three major motif themes of Classics are roses, angels, and hearts, and the Grand Heart has been a symbolic design since the opening of Classics.

The stars shine in the heavens, and the lights reflected from the buildings sparkle like stars on the ground. The Grand Heart is a glamorous and hopeful world full of light in Roppongi Hills and the rest of the city.

The material is 100% cotton master seed satin, a beautiful material with glossy, vivid colors and a smooth feel to the touch.

2,200 yen (tax included)

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One Point Embu" limited to Roppongi Hills Shop

(Left) Rainbow

A handkerchief made of sea-island cotton (SIC), known as the jewel of fibers, is embroidered with one-point embroidery of the soaring Mori Tower and a rainbow. The rainbow is a symbol of hope, a lucky motif that brings good luck.

(Right) The night sky and Tokyo Tower

The handkerchief of Sea Island Cotton (SIC), called the jewel of fibers, is jet-black in color. The color is reminiscent of the night sky. The towering Mori Tower and Tokyo Tower, which symbolizes Tokyo, are expressed with one-pointed grain-stitched embroidery. Stars are lucky motifs that make wishes come true.

2,860 yen each (tax included)

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Roppongi Hills Shop Limited "Mori Tower

Green embroidery depicts Morita Tower and lush greenery. The line-drawn look is simple and modern.

The lower right corner of the handkerchief is a key point.

3,850 yen (tax included)

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Roppongi Hills Shop Limited "Mick Itaya

A special piece designed by visual artist Mick Itaya.

This item is also available exclusively at the Roppongi Hills Shop.

The kimono has the names of the lords written on it (Kusunoki, Takagi, Katagiri, Aoki, Uesugi, and Ichiyanagi), according to a theory that Roppongi became Roppongi because six lords with the name "Kibe" lived there. There is also a theory that Roppongi was named after the twinkling stars in the night streets of Roppongi and the six trees, so the design was inspired by things associated with Roppongi, such as the six trees and the Minato Ward flower, the rose.

2,750 yen (tax included)

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