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Article: CLASSICS the Small Luxury Design Award 2024 Winners Announced

CLASSICS the Small Luxury Design Award 2024 受賞作品発表

CLASSICS the Small Luxury Design Award 2024 Winners Announced

In the 4th edition of CLASSICS the Small Luxury Design Award 2024,HAPPYThe fourth annual CLASSICS the Small Luxury Design Award 2024 called for designs for handkerchiefs with the theme of "HAPPY.

The contest was open from November 3, 2023 to January 31, 2024, and out of 1,310 entries from 67 countries, one Grand Prix, two Runner-up Grand Prix, and five Jury's Special Awards were selected.

Award-winning works

- Grand Prix (1 work)

Author:Hu Xiaoyi (China) Title:Spring Joy

 Jury Critique: My first impression was that the illustration was loose and cute, but upon closer inspection, I realized that it was also very well balanced as a graphic design, and I thought that the power of the design and the power of the illustration were perfectly balanced. The colors are also very beautiful, so I think they will pop and look cute when made into handkerchiefs.

 - Runners-up (2 works)

 Author:Hu Xiaoyi (China) Title:Fluffy Hug

 Jury Critique: This work is very enjoyable to the senses. Yellow is becoming a very strong trend, especially creamy yellow, which gives a sense of security and will be a happy color in the future. I chose this work because of its beautiful sense of color.

 Author:Junichi Sugihara (Japan) Title:Hello my friends

Jury Critique: At first glance, I thought the animal in the foreground, which looks like a wild boar, was a very simple and rustic illustration that was very appealing. Upon closer inspection, the mountains and the butterflies flying above it are elaborately drawn, and the contrast between the generosity of the boar in the foreground and the precision of the background is an attractive feature of this work.

The Grand Prix and Runner-Up Award winners will have their designs commercialized and sold at CLASSICS the Small Luxury stores. The timing of the sales will be announced shortly.

- Jury's Special Awards (5 works)

Hikari Ueda (Japan)

Title of work
Happiness to Communicate

Jury Critique
Kanako Kajihara (President, KAJIHARA DESIGN STUDIO Co., Ltd. / Textile Designer) 

The design visualizes the feeling of the moment of feeling HAPPY. I empathized with the design because it was similar to my own sense of values of happiness. I think happiness is deep when accumulated experiences and thoughts are conveyed visually. I felt the passage of time, which cannot be described in a single word, in the way the painting was done with layers of paint. Accumulation and optimism are well balanced in this handkerchief, and I feel as if I am released into a sense of happiness every time I look at it.

Yoko Yuyama (Japan)

Name of work
Onigiri Girls

Jury Critique
Takashi Saito (Project Designer / President, Griffon Co., Ltd.)

The layout of this piece features rice balls, side dishes, and a girl with long hair in a red one-piece dress, all beautifully balanced in terms of color scheme and density of placement. The girl's slightly demure atmosphere gives the whole piece a pop impression, rather than just a cute, girlish pattern. The picture not only expresses HAPPY but also has the power to take the owner to that point.

Yoo Sia (Korea)


Jury Critique
Kaoru Takai (Graphic Designer, Sun-Ad Inc.)

 Vending machines often seen overseas, where you can see the product inside the glass until it comes out, are exciting in their own right. Life is a series of choices, but in the morning, I press the button I have decided on, choose my favorite juice to buy, and walk away with a positive feeling. Days with such small pleasures areHAPPYI thought that every day with such small pleasures is HAPPY.


Nanashin Nakamura (Japan)
Title of work
Happiness be with you

Jury Critique
Kayoko Goto (Designer, CLASSICS the Small Luxury, Blooming Nakanishi Co.)

A shooting star in the center of the handkerchief is a very simple design,It is a very simple design, but you can put your happy wish on the shooting star and give it as a gift to your loved one.It is a very simple design, but it has a nice trick to make a happy wish and give it as a gift to your loved one.A shooting star is always shining in your pocket.I feel happy just thinking that a shooting star is always shining in my pocket, and I want to carry it around with me every day like a good luck charm.I thought it would be.


Chihiro Kubota (Japan)

Everyone is Different and Everyone is Good

 Jury Critique
Hajime Nakanishi (President, Blooming Nakanishi Co., Ltd.)

This design award was created by comparing a handkerchief to a single piece of campus,people from all over the world to express their creations to the fullest.The award is a project started with the aim of encouraging people around the world to express their creations to the fullest.This year again, we received many works from all over the world. The works selected for the Jury's Special Prize this year are as followsThe work that made our hands stop for a moment to flip through the many entries one by one.The work selected for this year's Special Jury Prize is one of the works that made my hand stop for a moment to flip through each of the many entries.This work is one of the many that made my hand pause for a moment as I flipped through each of the many entries,the theme of the work is expressed in a mild and easy-to-understand manner.The work was selected for this award because of its message, which is expressed in a mild and easy-to-understand manner.


Kanako Kajiwara (K.K.)KAJIHARA DESIGN STUDIO(Representative Director / Textile Designer)
Takashi Saito (Representative Director / Project Designer, Griffon Co.)
Kaoru Takai (Graphic Designer, Sun-Ad Inc.)
Tomohiro Nakayama (Graphic Designer, Sun-Ad Inc.)
Kayoko Goto (Blooming Nakanishi Co., Ltd.) CLASSICS THE SMALL LUXURY Designer)
Hajime Nakanishi (President, Blooming Nakanishi Co., Ltd.)

About CLASSICS the Small Luxury Design Award
CLASSICS the Small Luxury has collaborated with many artists in Japan and abroad to create handkerchiefs. CLASSICS the Small Luxury seeks to expand new charms and possibilities of handkerchiefs by infusing them with the power of design. In 2020, CLASSICS the Small Luxury Design Award was established to support the activities of artists and to make design more accessible to the public.

Click here to see the past award-winning works.



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