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Article: New golf motif handkerchiefs on sale from February 8 (Wed.)


New golf motif handkerchiefs on sale from February 8 (Wed.)

A new pattern "Golf Stripe" will appear in the popular golf series. It is recommended as a gift for golf lovers as well as a Valentine's gift.

Golf Stripe

The design is accented with a dot in the lower right corner that resembles a golf ball. Combining a standard stripe pattern with a golf driver, this is a simple yet playful piece.


Available in three colors: blue, ivory, and orange.
2,200 yen (tax included)



New handkerchiefs with cat motifs to go on sale on February 1 (Wed.)

February 22 is "Cat Day."  In preparation for "Cat's Day," a new "Furifuri Cat" pattern featuring cats will be available from February 1 (Wed.). In addition, a new color green will be added to the ...

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Give with Thank You Charms, PopularHIKKOMINew series of charms will be available from February 15 (Wed.)

The most popular of Classics the Small LuxuryHIKKOMIseries will be joined by new animal friends such as pandas and gibbons, while the Monogatari series will feature new stories such as Snow White a...

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