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Article: From October 8 (Fri) Takarazuka Opera Official Shop "Cattle Leve" launches a limited design handker cheet

宝塚 コラボ ハンカチ

From October 8 (Fri) Takarazuka Opera Official Shop "Cattle Leve" launches a limited design handker cheet

Collaboration with Takarazuka Opera Official Shop "Cattle Love" We will sell his handkerchief from "Cattle Reve (all three stores)" and "Cattle Lev Online" from April 8 (Fri).

Finished the flower of "Sumire" symbol that symbolizes Takarazuka opera, finished into a soft and gentle colored handker cheetle. How about Mother's Day gift with gratitude?

Sumire Bouquet

Takarazuka collaboration his handkerchief
Takarazuka collaboration handkerchief

It is a Handka Thaf of a glamorous design that colored her bouquet of the "Sumire" flower, with a golden ribbon. It is a perfect piece of her, with the message of "Thank you" and to convey the feeling of gratitude around the bouquet. How is it to try to give the Hanka Chizaf of the "Sumire" flower of the "Sumire" and adorable, "Sumire".

Motif pattern

Takarazuka collaboration handkerchief
Takarazuka collaboration handkerchief

In addition to the motifs such as silk hat and chasshanhan, chandelier, each set mark also woven and interwed with the design of the Takarazuka opera world.

[Various product contents]
Price: 1,800 yen (tax included)
Size :: 41 cm × 41 cm
Material: 100% cotton
Production Country: Made in Japan

[Sales place]
Cattle Leave 3 stores Takarazuka store / Hibiya store / Umeda store /
Cattle Lev Online

[Contact information]
Tel: 079783 6000
Takarazuka Creative Arts Customer Center


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