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Article: Handkerchiefs made of silk are released for the new feel "3rd handkerchiefs

新しい触り心地 『第3のハンカチーフ』に、シルク素材を使用したハンカチーフが発売

Handkerchiefs made of silk are released for the new feel "3rd handkerchiefs

"3rd Handkerchief"with a new touch that is a little different from cloth (Fuhaku) and towel.Even though it is made by weaving like a cloth, it is easy to care like a towel with no iron required.It is thinner than a towel and is not bulky, you can put it smartly in your pocket.
This time3rd handkerchiefThe new"Bukure Chidori" is released.

Boukure Chidori【NEW】

A handkerchief of the new work"Boukure Chidori"jointly developed with a tie factory in Japan.Silk in the warp, silk and loop-like cotton / nylon yarn in the weft are alternately combined, tailored to a three-dimensional and moderate thickness, it will be a solid feeling of use.With the softness of the loop-like thread and the texture with a tension feeling woven with high-density silk, it becomes a piece with a feeling properly.

¥ 1,650 (tax included) All 8 colors available

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In the 3rd handkerchief, in addition to Boucle Chidori, we are also developing products using"mico"using sea island cotton and hemp.


¥1,650 (tax included)

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Hemp stripe

¥1,650 (tax included)

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Umishima cotton used in mico is a sustainable fiber that supports the sustainable development of agriculture and the consumption to use things carefully for a long time.Hemp, which is a kind of hemp, is a plant with a small risk of soil contamination and a small impact on the environment because chemical fertilizers are used less.Consideration for the earth is also one of our initiatives that we will not forget.

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