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Article: New graphical handkerchiefs with Happy rainy day theme to go on sale from June 20 (Mon.)

Happy rainy day をテーマにグラフイカルな新作ハンカチーフを6月20日(月)より発売

New graphical handkerchiefs with Happy rainy day theme to go on sale from June 20 (Mon.)

The "Drop Rain" series graphically depicts rain and umbrellas in pop colors, and the "BLUE SKY" series features ever-changing sky patterns with their own messages. Why don't you try these handkerchiefs, which can be easily incorporated into your daily life, and get in the mood for a good time?

Drop Rain

Drop Rain" is a pop and unique design with colorful dots of raindrops, and if you look closely at the raindrops, you will find candy balls mixed in. Day and night images.2A variety of colors are available.

¥2,200(Tax included) Available in two colors: (from left) white, navy

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 The future is in the sky

From a series of photographs taken of the ever-changing sky, three types of skies were selected: a calm, softly colored sky, a dazzlingly bright, bright blue sky, and a fantastic sky with light shining through the clouds. Each sky is depicted with a positive message to match the sky.

Various types ¥2,200(Tax included)

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Column "Happy rainy day

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