Handkerchiefs can become more casual fashion items! Handkerchief rings" to enjoy fashion around your neck are available from September 14 (Thursday)!

As a handkerchief specialty store, we offer a wide variety of handkerchiefs made of high quality materials, playful designs, and seasonal items.

The new handkerchief ring was created in response to our desire to expand the enjoyment of handkerchiefs and to customer feedback that "I want to wrap a handkerchief around my neck, but the size is a little small and it is difficult to do so.

The handkerchief can be easily wrapped around the neck without tying it, just by putting it through the ring. Handkerchiefs are usually tucked away in a bag, but this fall, why not try the "handkerchief ring" for a fashionable look? We recommend attaching it to your bag as well as around your neck to spice up your coordination, just like an accessory.

The handkerchief ring is reversible with two colors. The color and design of the ring, the pattern of the handkerchief, and the way you wrap it around your neck will give you a variety of ways to coordinate.

This is a unisex item and can be used by all genders and ages.

The "handkerchief ring" allows you to enjoy your handkerchief as a fashion item.

Why don't you enjoy fashion with handkerchiefs made of comfortable materials, mainly cotton and linen?

660 yen (tax included)

Set of two types (two pieces): a simple square and a round bead-like round.

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