New handkerchiefs by illustrator Kiyomi Nakagawa to go on sale on January 11 (Wed.)

Classics the Small LuxuryIllustrator Kiyomi Nakagawa, who has designed many handkerchiefs at

Two new patterns printed with Ms. Nakagawa's illustrations are available from today.


NECKLACE" expresses a classic adult world. The large bijoux sparkle and shine, and the design is combined in elegant shades of nuanced pink and blue-green.

It goes well with the shiny satin fabric, making it a piece you will want to open up and admire.The edges of the handkerchief are carefully hand rolled one by one for a fluffy finish.

2,750 yen (tax included)

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We depicted a glamorous and cute world while aligning the fashion history of men and women.

From tuxedos and dresses like medieval European costumes to modern fashions of todaytoThe bright colors used in the prints are bright and cheerful. Everywhere you look, everyone is cheerful and smiling happily.

We recommend that you put your initials near your favorite fashion or your gift recipient's favorite fashion.

2,750 yen (tax included)

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Nakagawa's original artwork

In order to reproduce various color combinations, shades of color, and delicate brush strokes, we converted the design into data and printed it, but it was difficult to reproduce the colors and shades.

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