Launch of new handkerchiefs with auspicious Japanese patterns, including the Chinese zodiac sign of the tiger, plum blossoms, and turtles

The HIKKOMI series, which features a unique design of an animal pulling the edge of a handkerchief, will feature a tiger, the Chinese zodiac sign, as well as other new handkerchiefs with Japanese patterns depicting auspicious motifs, available from today.

The new handkerchiefs include "Twisted Plum," a pattern of twisted plum petals that symbolizes vitality and is considered to be a cause for celebration because it is the first to bloom in the cold winter, and a Vietnamese hand-embroidered turtle handkerchief with delicate craftsmanship. For a limited time only, we are offering free New Year's special wrapping. How about a gift to express your gratitude to those who have taken care of you this year, as a year-end gift or as a New Year's greeting?


This unique handkerchief features an embroidered scene of a tiger, the Chinese zodiac sign for the coming year, hanging down with one hand.

2,200yen (tax included)

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Twisted Plum

上段左からねじり梅(レッド)、水引(グリーン) 下段左から水引(パープル)、ねじり梅(ブラック) Top row from left: Twisted plum (red), Mizuhiki (green) Bottom row from left: Mizuhiki (purple), Twisted plum (black)

A new addition to our Japanese pattern series is a handkerchief with a design of twisted plum blossoms, which has long been a favorite pattern for family crests and kimonos. This gorgeous combination with a set of Mizuhiki handkerchief with a characteristic white line in the center is recommended as a New Year's gift.

2,200 yen (tax included) 4 colors: Green / Purple / Red / Black

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Karashoen - Vietnamese hand embroidery turtle

左から祝い鶴(ホワイト)、亀(ホワイト) From left From left to right: Celebratory crane (white), turtle (white)

A new series of Vietnamese hand embroidered handkerchiefs designed based on the precious Noh costumes of the Shukugawa Noh Stage "Gashouen". The series will also include new carp and dandelion designs. We recommend that you combine this gift with a celebratory crane to wish for a long life.

8,800 yen (tax included)

KARA-SHOEN Vietnam Hand Embroidery Series Click here for details >
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New Year's Day Embroidery Series: OneFuji, Two Hawks, Three Eggplants / Pine, Bamboo and Plum

  左から一富士二鷹三茄子(レッド)、松竹梅(レッド)From left to right: One Fuji, Two Taka, Three Eggplants (red), Pine, Bamboo and Plum (red)

This handkerchief is embroidered with the image of "One Fuji, Two Taka, Three Eggplants" and "Pine, Bamboo and Plum" which is said to be good luck to see in the first dream. A handkerchief for New Year's Day and other special occasions.

2,750yen (tax included)

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[Limited time embroidery order]


At the
following stores, we offer embroidery service of "1 Fuji, 2 Taka, 3 Eggplant" and "Pine, Bamboo and Plum" for a limited time from December 15 (Sat) to January 31 (Mon
You can embroider your favorite handkerchief to make a special one.

The cost of the handkerchief and the embroidery fee will be ¥550 (tax included).
The time it takes to receive the handkerchief will vary depending on the number of handkerchiefs ordered, the contents of the handkerchief and how busy the store is.

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Roppongi Hills Main Store, Nihonbashi Ningyocho Store, Marunouchi Store, Toranomon Hills Store, Fukuoka Ohori Koen Store

Limited Time New Year's Limited Wrapping

From December 15 (Wed.), 2021, for a limited time only, we will offer free noshi-style wrapping with a pine, bamboo and plum design. This offer will end as soon as it is gone.