Handka chizophen ring belt "SOMECO (Samko)"

Handka Chief Ring Belt, which began with "Something Eco", "Someco (Samko)". Just connect the handker tie to the ring belt, you can easily make a nice bag, the new catach's ECO item will be released from January 29 (Wed).
Japanese pattern handkerchief bag
Handkerchief with various variations, such as floral patterns and Japanese patterns, pretty races and good stitching materials. As a new utilization method, do you enjoy your favorite handker cheeks into the ring belt and enjoy coordinates?
Dining apronDining As a bag at the time of apron and moisture
Handkerchief bagAntique handle Hanka chizu, in elegant clothes bag
Hanka Chief Ring Belt-Someco Nume Leather-
Handka Chief Ring Belt-Someco Clear-
How to make a handker chief bag: Tote bag edition
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