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Article: Wrap it with a handkerchief


Wrap it with a handkerchief

Colorful wrapping paper.
Actually, the lapping of the handkerchief.
Not only wipe your hand or put it on your knees,
You can add a little idea and "wrap".


Feeling plastic bottle

Today is an important presentation day.
In the suit of this time,
Align pearl piercing and necklace,
Wear a heel of polishing
Check with the entrance mirror.

In the bag,
To amulet the important material and your favorite handkerchief.

Before arriving at the company at the usual shop
Once you have purchased carbonic water in the match drink,
On the desk of cleaning
Try out a favorite piece of your favorites.

For seniors who always give a strong advice
Pet bottle arrangement to be taught.
This amulet bottle is
After hearing that I will bring it, I continue.

Show the initials outward and adjust like a ribbon,
To be easy to handle with the last torsion
Point to do.

If you are ready, you have a big breath,
Finally, to the meeting room.

Lunch box arrangement

Today is my family with a family.
Get up slightly early and make a lunch box.
Beautiful blue sky is spreading out of the window.
Because children love their children,
A rabbit apple.
Don't forget to burn the fele of the husband.

Sunny Holiday Park,
Blue grass appeared vividly,
Soccer ball and badminton
After playing a lot, the lunchtime waiting for waiting.
The eldest son's favorite "Hitsuji",
The motif of "rabbit" that the eldest daughter wants to keep
In a cute handkerchief
In a lunch box that devised,
Both of two people.
A smile of the children who open the pack
I am happy to see.

Looking at the side, the master also smiles
I hope to enjoy this time.
Well, everyone together is "I will!"

Ms. Arrange Gift

◆ Today I am calling my childhood friend.
Thank you in line with the topic store.
For gifts to a sweet favorite friend
I want to do something more,
I think about the arrangement.
Two dogs kept
Prepare two handker teasifiers,
If each is slightly shifted,
From left and right "Hello!" And one
For wrapping like looking at the face.
Enjoy the expression when passing!

◆ For seniors who are always indebted,
The other day I had a delicious lunch.
I want to thank you for your consideration,
Looking for a present for coffee-like seniors.
Recently in a cafe
Find a fashionable plastic bottle,
Since it is a hacka chizu, it ties the ribbon,
I tried to make a gift specification!
Add a message to a cat-like senior,
Including the feelings of "thank you" in the handkerchief



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