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Article: Tomoko Mano, gift concierge, selects 6 summer gifts

ギフトコンシェルジュ 真野知子さんセレクト 夏ギフト6選

Tomoko Mano, gift concierge, selects 6 summer gifts

"I want to deliver it to that person. #summer greetings" Tomoko Mano, our gift concierge, has selected some handkerchiefs she recommends. Why don't you send that special piece of summer greetings to that person?

Tomoko Mano, Gift Concierge


Gift concierge. She selects gifts for a variety of gift-giving occasions, from daily gifts such as hand-me-downs to seasonal gifts and special occasions. She has appeared on TV, radio, and other media, writes a series of articles for media, and is active in many other fields as a product planner and advisor.


|Handkerchiefs for Summer Greetings

When faced with the problem of choosing a gift, an item that can be used on a daily basis can be a strong ally as an option. Handkerchiefs are a necessary daily grooming item for people of all ages and lifestyles. Whether it is for daily use or a special occasion, there is no need to have a number of handkerchiefs as they can accompany you in any scene of your daily life.

That is why the wide choice of colors and designs that can be selected to match the image of the recipient as a gift is also attractive. Especially in the coming sweaty season, it will become a must-have item in the daily lives of men and women of all ages.

How about giving handkerchiefs as "Season's Greetings (Summer Greetings)" to those close to you this year as gifts for those celebrating birthdays or anniversaries in this season, or for early summer, the height of summer, or late summer heat? If you want to send a personalized gift to each person, you can customize it with embroidery of initials or motifs to give an original gift that is unique to that person. The recipient will have an unexpected encounter with a piece of clothing, and you may find that it becomes a treasured favorite.

Classics the Small Luxury handkerchiefs come in a wide variety of colors, the quality of the materials, and designs ranging from elegant to casual that will thrill adults and children alike. The fun part of choosing a handkerchief is the encounter with the one you can entrust with your feelings for the recipient as a summer greeting that will make your summer enjoyable.

Tomoko Mano's selection of 6 summer gifts

1 A subtle way to express your gratitude to those who have always taken care of you.

In order to give a gift that expresses your gratitude without being too formal, it is important to give a gift that can be given casually and received casually. This summer is going to be hot again. Please enjoy a cool summer." With such a message, choose one that matches the image of the recipient as a summer greeting to your loved ones.

Gifts given in everyday life, not on anniversaries or special occasions, are more memorable. It may be small, but it will convey your feelings greatly.

Duo Cotton Towel Lace¥2,750(Tax included)

*This initial embroidery typeface is only available in stores.

Every woman has a little formal occasion regardless of the season. This is a piece that will make you happy at such times, and the use of lace gives it a subtle elegance. This towel handkerchief is made of wrinkle-resistant lace that is easy to care for and comfortable to the touch. The color mix of the handkerchief looks like one color, but in fact it is a mix of different colors, and the richness of the interwoven colors is also appealing. It is also great for occasional use during the summer season.

Click here for product details >.

SIC 108Color 12Monthly color Various¥2,200(Tax included)

The series offers a rich variety of 108 colors. The series includes the "12For example, you can choose a color according to the birthday month, or according to the image of the recipient, or even a color that might suit the recipient unexpectedly. Or, you can choose a color that is unexpected for the recipient, such as a color that might suit him or her. The material is made from high quality cotton, sea-island cotton. It is very soft to the touch and has excellent water absorbency. Enjoy originality by embroidering initials or motifs.

12Click here for the details of the "Color of the Month" product >.

Click here for product details of SIC 108 Color Series >.

#2 Summer Greetings to friends you don't get to see very often

Are you doing well and working hard? Enjoy this summer with happiness! With such a message, we want to send a piece with cheerful designs and colors that will help you survive the hot summer. We want you to enjoy bold colors and designs to the fullest because it is summer. It will be a memorable piece of this summer, and will also serve as a souvenir when you go home for the summer vacation or Obon vacations.

Mick ItayaMEDALS ¥2,750(Tax included)

The bright pink and kitschy design is perfect for the summer weather. You will want to take this piece with you on your summer vacation. Just tucking it into your bag will bring on the summer spirit. You can tie it as a scarf or bandana, or use it as a fashion item in many other ways besides using it as a handkerchief. It will be a summer gift that will bring you such an exciting and dynamic feeling.

Click here for product details >.

Summer Border¥2,750(Tax included)

 The refreshing and cool colors of this marine-style border are reminiscent of the ocean and beaches of summer. This is a piece that goes well with any style, regardless of generation. Playful random border design and cottonLinenmaterial is perfect for the summer season. Customize it with embroidery of your initials or summer motifs to make it a special piece of clothing that makes a wonderful gift full of originality.

Click here for product details >.

#3 A summer cheer for that hard-working person or yourself. Choose a color that invites coolness and a design that enjoys the season.

The most appropriate gift for the summer season is one that has a fun, pop design that makes you excited to have it in the summer, or is made of high quality material that is comfortable in the sweaty season. In addition, choosing cold colors that feel cool to the eyes will also make you feel cooler. To beat the heat, especially during this season, you may need a replacement handkerchief, so having a number of handkerchiefs will surely come in handy. It makes a great gift for a comfortable summer.

ICE POP ¥2,200(Tax included)

The pop design of this ice candy pattern is perfect for the summer season. The pop design makes you want to use it every chance you get this season. It will make you feel even more excited about summer. The refreshing blue base color is also cool, and it is fun to have matching ones in different colors among friends, or it can be a gift with a sense of humor for those who love sweets. The new "Jelly" handkerchiefs are new this summer in the summer sweets pattern (on sale 6/26).

Click here for product details>

 mico series: various types ¥1,650 (tax included)

The three-dimensional weave of this towel handkerchief's distinctive design is not as bulky as towels, and its compact size makes it easy to fit in a suit pocket. The most attractive feature of this handkerchief is that it does not require troublesome ironing. The handkerchief is available in a variety of colors, so you can enjoy playing with colors on business and private occasions. For a summer gift, try to choose a color that is cool to the eye and has a cool feeling.

Click here for product details >.



There is a wide range of possibilities and variety in gift-giving, where "there is no one answer" and where you can entrust your feelings. Enjoy the pleasure of choosing something that perfectly matches your feelings from a diverse selection, or encountering a piece that allows you to entrust your feelings for the recipient, and enjoy selecting a gift as a real pleasure for the giver.

At Classics the Small Luxury, we are committed to "Delivering to That Person #Summer Greetingand we are pleased to offer two campaigns titled "Summer Greetings to That Person.

|Limited time offer  RibbonCharm Wrapping

20246Month26From Wednesday, February 1, 2012, we will offer a free "ribbon charm" supervised by Ms. Tomoko Mano to customers who order gift-wrapped items. The three-dimensional ribbon charm with a strong presence can also be used as a message card. This summer, why don't you send a handkerchief with your feelings to your friends and those who have always taken care of you? Pink and blue2Available in pink and blue.

Click here to see the products.

The offer is limited and will end when all the products are gone.

|SNS Present Campaign!

The brand's official Instagram andXto win products selected by Tomoko Mano!

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