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Article: November 22 is "Good Marriage Day" \ Give two handkerchiefs /.

11月22日は「いい夫婦の日」 \ ハンカチーフを2枚贈ろう /

November 22 is "Good Marriage Day" \ Give two handkerchiefs /.

November 22 is "Good Marriage Day. For your friends and parents,Why don't you send a handkerchief as you would a bouquet of flowers to your friends or parents?

We offer a wide variety of handkerchiefs with elaborate floral designs to suit the recipient's tastes and preferences. We also recommend custom-made handkerchiefs with embroidered initials in the same typeface.

We recommend a handkerchief as an item that subtly conveys your feelings on your anniversary.

Like a bouquet of flowers

A handkerchief with a gorgeous floral pattern is like a gift of flowers.

Pair the item with a convenient holder for a pocket chief or a piece for the wine connoisseur.

Left: LOVE FLOWER Right: perfume flower

A gorgeous and elaborate design that will surprise you when you unfold it.

Click here for LOVE FLOWER

Click here for PERFUME FLOWER (Red)

Click here for BOUQUET STRITCH (khaki)

Click here for Pocket Chiffon Holder

Click here for The Wine (Green)

Attractive graphic design

This set has a graphical and modern look.

Left: mosaic (red) Right: rose (blue)

This one also has a surprise when you unfold it. This set is a gift for a couple who likes to be stylish.

Click here to see Mosaic (Red) >.

Click here for rose (blue)

Embroidered initials on a fine and simple handkerchief

Why not add your initials in a font with a leaf on the initials?

Why not give a pair of handkerchiefs to a dear friend and his wife or to your parents on November 22?


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