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Article: It is recommended to have two handkerchiefs.

ハンカチは 2枚持ち がおすすめ

It is recommended to have two handkerchiefs.

The midsummer heat is upon us. In this hot and humid climate, where you sweat even if you do nothing, a handkerchief is a necessity for many people.
Among them, business people who need to go out and move around for long periods of time will want to make themselves as comfortable as possible by choosing a handkerchief suitable for wiping sweat from the forehead and neck.
As professionals who work, it is also important that their cleanliness is not compromised by the midsummer heat and perspiration.
A handkerchief can help you look professional and make a good impression.
One piece gives a sense of cleanliness to the other person, and the other piece is more for practical use to keep you comfortable.
We recommend that every working person have two handkerchiefs.

Before an important dinner party... memories of breaking out in a cold sweat.

Here is an episode from N, a 30-something staff member in charge of store operations.

I remember that a handkerchief that I used to use during the hot summer season was wrinkled in my pocket when I needed it most, and I broke out in a cold sweat before an important dinner party.
Since then, I always carry two handkerchiefs: the 'mico' one in my pocket for everyday use, and the 'KN100' one in my bag to keep it clean when I meet people for business meetings, dinners, etc."

I like 'KN100' so much that I have all three colors. I like 'KN100' and have all three colors. It is fun to choose the color according to my mood of the day. Since it is made of 100% linen, it feels good against my skin, and the crispness peculiar to linen gives me a cool impression in the hot summer.
The "mico TypeB" is indispensable for me because I sweat a lot. The yarn is thicker than normal handkerchiefs (18 count), so it has excellent water absorbency. And yet it is less bulky than a towel, so I can keep it in my pants pocket, making it useful anytime I need it."

KN100" gives a clean impression and is very comfortable to use

Material is also important in midsummer. We recommend choosing a natural fiber with good breathability.
linenThe 100% "KN100" has a pleasantly light and soft touch. It absorbs moisture easily and dries quickly, so sweat can be wiped off quickly and keep the garment clean.

From the upper left, navy, beige, and blue. The color of the border is an accent.

The edging is "hand rolled hem. It is sewn by hand while being rolled thinly on the back side with fingers. The result is soft and fluffy to the touch, with the warmth of handwork and a sense of luxury. This is a valuable technique that few craftsmen have nowadays.

3,300 yen (tax included)
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Between a towel and a handkerchief, the practical "mico TypeB

Under the beating sun or in humid climates, you may already be sweating just walking to the nearest station in the morning.
We also want to continue the habit of washing our hands frequently to maintain our health and physical condition. It is a good idea to have one more piece of practicality with you.

The "mico Type B" is useful for wiping your hands after washing or in midsummer when you sweat, and is a good compromise between a handkerchief and a towel. It is soft to the touch and highly absorbent, which is a nice feature. It does not wrinkle easily and does not need to be ironed, so it can be used without hesitation.
It is lightweight, small, and smart enough to be put in a suit pocket without being bulky.
It is made of the finest quality cotton, sea-island cotton. It is a piece that maintains both practicality and dignity.

1,650 yen (tax included)
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KN100" and "micoHow about color-coordinating the two pieces?

KN100" is made of high quality linen material and seems to enhance the impression of the person who has it. mico typeB" is an intermediate between a towel and a handkerchief that can be used without hesitation. It is the best choice for two handkerchiefs in summer.

We would be happy if you could choose an appropriate handkerchief for midsummer and use it to enhance your business performance.


ハンカチは 2枚持ち がおすすめ

It is recommended to have two handkerchiefs.

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