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Article: Holiday Gift recommendation from the shop managers

店長おすすめHoliday Giftをご紹介

Holiday Gift recommendation from the shop managers

As the concierge of the handkerchiefs, each shop manager of CLASSICS the Small Luxury who proposes various handkerchiefs to customers at the shop every day I asked about the Holiday Gift recommended by "who to give". How about giving a handkerchief as a gift to your friends, family, and yourself who worked hard for a year this year?

Recommended by the Roppongi Hills Main Shop manager

- To the boss at work-

A rose handkerchief with a mosaic pattern, the contrast of red and green is like a Christmas color when you put it in a gift box.While enjoying the season in color1You can enjoy the design throughout the year.Because it is a graphical and unisex design, it is recommended for gifts regardless of gender.

Left) Mosaic (pink) Right) Mosaic (red)¥2,000  From here >

Recommended by the Marunouchi Shop manager

To the family

It is an episode of my parents, but for my father who wash his hands frequently, a handkerchief made of hemp material with good drying and antibacterial system.Because it is thin, I want you to enjoy it as a pocket chief.The handkerchief to mom is impressive with a rose flower."the bed of rosesI'm going to give you a handkerchief of "I'm going to give you a handkerchief of".My mother actually likes flowers, especially roses are my favorite flowers to make arches in the garden.I thought that it would be good if I could carry around my favorite rose anytime and chose it.How about giving your father a handkerchief of functionality and your favorite flower to your mother?

Left) Hempcheck (Brown)¥1,500 From here >

right)the bed of roses ¥2,000From here >

Recommended by the Coredo Muromachi Terrace  manager

To a friend-

1As a special gift to convey the appreciation of the year2We will propose a sheet set.We created a Christmas feeling with a"champagne party"with the gorgeous unique to the holiday season and a handkerchief of"Rouge Chief"with the eye―catching red color.The materials of handkerchiefs are available in cotton and hemp.You can enjoy the softness of cotton and the shari feeling of hemp.

Left) Mick Itaya Champagne Party(Black)¥2,000 From here >

Right) Rouge Chief [Hat]¥2,500 From here >


Recommended by the Amu Plaza Kagoshima Shop manager

for yourself.-

LOVEI think that it contains not only love but also the feeling of "thanks".There was a lot of meaning to think about the opponent."LOVEThe word "I love you" is my favorite word.17There are various kinds of flowers drawn, but my favorite flower, Ranancuras, is also included.The words I love and the flowers I love are intertwined."LOVE FLOWER"Handkerchief".How about as a reward gift to yourself with the feeling of gratitude that "Thanks, I love you"?

LOVE FLOWER ¥2,000From here >


Classics The Small Luxury offers free gift packaging.We will deliver it with our feelings.



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