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Article: Your handkerchief makes a great bag! Introducing the charm of Handkerchief Ring Belt Someco.


Your handkerchief makes a great bag! Introducing the charm of Handkerchief Ring Belt Someco.

" Someco " is a handkerchief ring belt that started with "Something eco". Just by connecting a handkerchief to the ring belt, you can easily make a beautiful bag, a new form of eco bag.

ハンカチ 巾着 バッグ

As a new way to use a handkerchief, you can easily make a stylish bag just by tying your favorite handkerchief to the ring belt " Someco ". The shape of the bag changes depending on how you tie it, so you can enjoy it as a bag, or you can use it as a meal apron by wearing the belt around your neck and tying the ends of the handkerchief.

How to make a bag in 3 steps

ハンカチバッグ 作り方

STEP1 Fold the handkerchief in half.

STEP2 Thread the left and right sides of the fabric through the rings.

STEP3 It's done!

For more detailed instructions, please watch this video.

As an eco-friendly bag for daily shopping

Plastic bags will be charged from July 2020. A large size handkerchief or scarf can be used as an eco-bag. You can make them quickly and easily when you need them, and keep them in your bag when not in use. They're compact items, so they're great for when you've got a lot of luggage on your summer trip or back home!

The bag made with these rings will be a simple handbag, so please be careful when handling heavy items or valuables. The scarf is a personal item of our staff.

Bags for kimono and aprons for meals

ハンカチ 巾着 バッグ

 Cool summer in yukata, as a refreshing bag with a clear belt

バッグ 巾着 ハンカチ

As an elegant bag with a nubuck leather belt and a meal apron

Infinite combinations with your favorite handkerchief or cloth and Someco


There are many variations of handkerchiefs such as floral patterns, Japanese patterns, pretty lace and comfortable linen. Why don't you enjoy making your own original bag with your favorite pattern according to your usage and lifestyle?

Someco Handkerchief Ring Click here for details.



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