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Article: 108 Color handkerchief diagnosis What kind of color is that person?

108色ハンカチ診断 あの人のタイプはどんな色?

108 Color handkerchief diagnosis What kind of color is that person?

The color variation of the "SIC color" handkerchief is 108 colors.
The meaning of color is divided into nine themes for each 12 colors. Why don't you choose a special color from the many colors to match the type of the other person? We will diagnose the opponent's type to five types and propose recommended colors from 108 colors.

Supervised Teruko Sakurai
(Tokyo Colors Co., Ltd. Representative Director, Members of the Japanese Society of College)

Energy, sporty, type that likes to move your body. You may like a clear vivid color and a refreshing image ... 

keyword:Clear, vitality, justice, dynamic, open
Suitable color:Vivid and clear color

A natural type that is always calm. You may like the natural, gentle colors and simple designs that make use of the texture ...

keyword:Sincerity, harmony, relaxation, sense of security, calm
Suitable color:Natural color with saturation

A type that has a high aesthetics and values ​​his values. You may like chic and stylish ones and highly designed ones ...

keyword:Mature, trust, aesthetics, urban, strong will
Suitable color:Black, black, gray monotone system

Curious, always positive, sensitive to trends and new things in the world. You may like colorful patterns and bright and gorgeous colors ...

keyword:Joy, ambition, playfulness, intimacy, sociable
Suitable color:Bright and vivid tone

A type that values ​​sophisticated and elegant and traditional beauty. You may like grayish nuance colors and soft images ...

keyword:Elegant, elegant, healing, rich sensitivity, tenderness
Suitable color:Pastel tone and grayish color



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