Makiko Tanaka Vitamin Dream

A day in Paris begins with a trip to the market every morning.
I'm grateful for all the fruits, vegetables and other blessings from nature....
The crisp, soft, thin linen fabric is easy to use and recommended.
You can feel the power from each colorful ingredients drawn deliciously such as kiwi, orange, red turnip, cherry tomato.

Size : 41cm x 41cm 100% linen Made in Japan
Item Number:

081238-6001-10【Makiko Tanaka】Makiko Tanaka

works mainly in

pastel, oil and pencil


She has participated in exhibitions in Berlin, Paris and other countries.
After she moved to Paris, she started to draw "Food series" on a

Recommended initial embroidery:
Letter: №19

position: lower right vertical (in the middle of a kiwi)


thread color: pink


price: ¥400

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