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This handkerchief is made with a white cotton warp and a fine hemp weft, giving it a nice crisp feel. The yarn is 100 count cotton. The lace itself is made exclusively for handkerchiefs, and sewn with a special technique that makes the seams invisible. The lace, which is based on a jewelry motif, is delicate and full of elegance that will make you sigh.

Column : Bridal handkerchief - a special piece for your special day

Size : 41cm x 41cm
50% Cotton 50% Linen 50%
Made in Japan
Item Number : 080514-1102-10

<Recommended contents of initial embroidery
Character: №1 (with Swarovski)
Position: Bottom right, warp
Thread color: Light blue
Amount: ¥660

*This product is for bridal motif embroidery.
About bridal motif embroidery

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