Color Square [Grape]


Handka chet of sea island cotton that can enjoy various colors by folding.
I chose and embroidered the motif of [grape] from the bodyguard collection on colorful fabrics.
[Grape] will remove everyday joy, unless you are rich. It is meaning that it means.
Please use the meaning of the grape motif and use it by all means.
We will add the cards with illustrations and meaning so that the meaning of [grape] is transmitted to the other party of the present.

Sea Island Cotton is an ultra-long fiber that is only produced in the limited area of ​​the West Scripture, Caribbean.
In Classix The Small Luxury
We have proposed a simple color series that maximizes the features of this thread, and also offers a variety of printed patterns and dynamic stained handker ties.

Bodyguard embroidered handker chew from here

Size: 41 cm × 41 cm Cotton 100% Made in Japan
Item #: 081238-3003-11_Grape

"Amulet" that brings the owner away from bad luck and brings good luck.
We collected the motivation motif of the world around the world and used the body guard collection. It will "be protected" the owner's body from familiar things to surprising ones.
By all means, how is the bodyguard embroidery into a handkerchief and carry it in place of the amulet instead?

Character: No19
Position: lower right vertical (vine right side)
Far-colored lavender
Amount: ¥ 550
※ Bodyguards [grapes] are only the lower right vertical.

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