NOKTON [ROYAL Laguzy Wash Towel]

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High Standard Washter towel pursuing the royal road in the Linen

The best quality super-long cotton American Sea Island Cotton "Laguzic", and the pile of which it is not only soft, but also the decision version of "Hotel Quality" considering firm usability. The size of plenty and volume is a rich and luxurious pleasing that is likely to wrap like a bathrobe. A straight-line pile accent with a straight line of pearl colors in a single-screen-out-of-white pile is a certificate of Royal.
In the finishing process, we did not take a burden on cotton by washing slowly with natural groundwater, and did not require a softener. Slight beauty and smooth and delicate touch can not be released once when touched once. The bus time time will be a more special and luxurious time.
Luxury Hotel offers a wash towel as a towel to wash the body.

【NOKTON / Nocton】
I would like to propose a new style and happiness in the world of Linen. A coordinated brand of the hotel linen born with such a thought. The financial materials, Japanese traditional techniques, and modern sensitivity, and linens that taste with five senses were born.

Size: about 34 cm × 36 cm 100% cotton
Item #: 791427-0240-10

Character: No. 12
Location: lower right vertical
Thread color: light gray
Amount of money:¥770

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