SOMECO [Handka Chief Ring Belt-Nume Leather-]

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Handka Chief Ring Belt, which began with "Something Eco", "Someco (Samko)".
It is an ECO item of a new catachi that can easily make a handker cheetle with a ring belt and make a nice bag easily.
Since the shape changes with the connection, it can be enjoyed as a bag, and it can be used as a meal apron if the belt part is connected to the neck.
As a new utilization method, do you enjoy your favorite handker cheeks into the ring belt and enjoy coordinates?
In addition, since the bag making using this ring is a simple handbag bag, please be careful when putting on a heavy or valuable product.

[Cautions for use]
Since it uses leather products, if garnish and other materials occur with sweat and moisture, there is a risk of fading, color loss, color migration, so when handling is handled. Please be careful about it.

Size: about 42 cm x 1 cm Material: Cowhide Made in Japan
Item #: 082513-8885-04

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  made in Japan

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