Someco [Handkerchief ring belt - clear -].

SKU: 082511-8880-10


Someco" is a handkerchief ring belt that started as "Something eco".
It is a new type of eco item that allows you to easily create a beautiful bag by simply connecting a handkerchief to the ring belt.
The shape changes depending on how you tie it, so you can enjoy it as a bag, or you can use it as a dining apron by putting the belt around your neck and tying the two ends of the handkerchief together.
Why don't you tie your favorite handkerchief to the ring belt and enjoy coordinating it as a new way to use it?
The bag made with this ring belt is a simple handbag, so please be careful when carrying heavy or valuable items.

The wrapping for this product is the envelope shown in the 6th picture.
Please select "Envelope" if you would like to use the wrapping.
Please understand that the envelopes will be used even if you choose the box.

42×1㎝ 塩化ビニール made in Japan
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