SIC Tassel Race (Ivory)


Towel handkerchief. Use sea island cotton to fabric. Towels finished with cotton cotton, called cotton jewelry, the touch well and is excellent in absorbency. The fabric woven the 60/2 noble yarn with a high density, so it is a soft texture that is easy to get in hand. Cut the surface of the fabric Cut shirring was finished with a shiny texture like Veload. Two-color development of white and ivory.

Size: 25 cm × 25 cm Body: 100% cottonRace: Rayon / Cotton
Item Number:081542-2055-20

Character: No22
Position: lower right Naname
Thread color: light pink
Amount: ¥ 440

※ For customers using initial embroidery
If the towel handkerchief chooses the embroidery thread of the same color as the fabric, it becomes difficult to see the initial embroidery, so be careful when choosing the thread color.

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