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Handkerchief has a heart drawn. Use a master seed satin with a slight and smooth material feeling to the fabric.The edge of the handkerchief is sewing on hand.

Size: 47 cm × 47 cm Cotton 100% Made in Japan
Item #: 081276-4026-61

Character: No. 9
Location: lower right vertical
Through the thread color: light navy
Amount: ¥ 550

【Hideki SEO / Seio Hibi】
Fashion Designer, Artist. He graduated from Kyoto University of Art, and he graduated from the Graphic Designer and graduated by the Antwar Prussio Academy. Currently, at the same time, when I worked with the allay fast assistant at the same time, my own art work was announced at the art museum around the world.

47 cm 100% cotton made in Japan

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