Choke board (green)

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We designed a humorous conversation that is wasted while looking at the menu.
French written on the board means the following.
QU'EST CE-QUE TU PRENDS? = What do you eat?
UNE Bouteille de Vin Rouge = A bottle of red wine
Pâté De Champagne = Country-style Pate
RUMSTECK DE POIVRE NOIR CONCASSé = lamp steak black pepper flavor
Et Puis, QUEST CE-QUE TU VEUX COMME DESSERT? = Then what do you want?
Petit Bisou? = Small kiss?
GROS BISOU? = Big kiss?

Size: 41 cm × 41 cm Cotton 100% Made in Japan
Item Number:081238-9061-03

Character: No22
Position: lower right Naname(Between bins and glasses)
Through color: light beige
Amount: ¥ 400

41 cm 綿100% 日本製

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