Once upon a time [Momotaro]

SKU: 081238-2120-10


A modern design from about 100 years ago has been reconstructed from the traditional Japanese "Mukashi Hanashi" (Once upon a time in Japan) depicted in woodblock prints by Tamahiro Shimomura. The slight color shifts and the unique unevenness of the colors are delicately finished by inkjet printing. (The color is a little off.) (The color is a little off.)Cooperation by GEISODO
The edge of the handkerchief is staggered, sewn thinly by a sewing machine.

Size : 45 cm x 45 cm, 100% cotton, made in Japan
Item number : 081238-2120-10

Letter: No. 6
Position: Lower right vertical
Thread color: Red
Amount: ¥550

45 cm 100% cotton made in Japan
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