Mic Itaya DOVE (Dave) (Pink)


The word "dove" means a symbol of peace, a beautiful white dove (pigeon). This handkerchief has a unique design of a dove, a symbol of peace.

Size: 41 cm × 41 cm
Cotton 100% Made in Japan
Item #: 081238-2004-01

Letter: No. 13
Position: lower right warp
Fire color: Pink (flower is white only)
Amount: ¥ 500

Visual artist,
graduated from Tama Art University. He has been active in various fields such as magazines, advertising, music, fashion, stage art, space design, product design, and publishing, and has held many solo exhibitions. He has designed the CD for GONTITI, the logo for UNIQLO, the mural and objects for Tokyo Skytree "Solamachi," the mirror work "MIRRORS," the Japanese light fixture "Suzumo Chochin," which won the Good Design Award, and the story and design for the BEAMS brand "BEAMS LIGHTS with MIC*ITAYA. TRA ', a cassette magazine designed and published in the 1980s, is in the permanent collection of the MOMA New York Museum of Modern Art.

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