8 Piece - 8 Tatami Mat for Celebration

SKU: 081238-1092-96


The design shows numbers 1 to 8 laid out in the shape of 8 tatami mats. It is a pop and modern expression of the traditional way of making tatami mats.
ARTIST/Tomohiro Nakayama

[Tomohiro Nakayama]
Art director/graphic designer of Sun-Ad Inc.

Graduated from Nagoya Zokei University, Department of Graphic Design. Worked mainly on graphic design projects such as flyers, logo design, and branding for exhibitions, stage performances, and events.

Size : 45cm x 45cm, 100% cotton, made in Japan
Item number : 081238-1092-96

<Recommended contents for initial embroidery
Character : №9
Position: Lower right vertical (the blue part crossed by 4)
Thread color: Navy
Price: ¥550
45 cm 100% cotton made in Japan
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